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[This is video on purpose. Leonard's bruised, he's in his room.


You and I? We have to talk, Raymond.
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[There is so much he wants to say. A lot of it has the word 'idiot' in it and some, much better hidden and certain to never actually be uttered, would simply ask him to get him, to understand, at least once, because he's alone and isolated from Mick even though he is here and even though he has no future any more anywhere else and it turns out that a heart that's crumbling away becomes much harder to ignore.

But this isn't how things go.]

In person.
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[What's next, actual manners?

Leonard doesn't bother getting up, he's taking apart his gun for no reason and he doesn't want to break concentration. Besides, moving hurts.]

Come in, genius.
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He's not going to hurt anyone. For now.

[There's no need to explain who that 'he' is. Couldn't be more blatantly obvious. His movements are practised, but they still give an excuse not to look at Ray.]

You're his partner?
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Then he needs you.

[There's necessity for him too, but a more decorative punching bag would do for now. He has to think about possibilities.]

He doesn't need to know.
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If he leaves and comes back as Chronos--

[He's quiet for a moment and pretends that it is because he's working at a tricky part. So he leans in closer and tries not to let his thoughts linger on Mick looking at him with a stranger's hateful eyes for the first time.]

If he's focused on me, we can keep it contained.

[There's Ray's precious 'we'.]
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[What is he going to do, explain his reasoning? Explain that Mick's anger is Chronos' anger and he understands anything Mick. If his anger's still immediate, he won't step back to seek out other targets and be tactical about his revenge, he'll want him to know upfront. Like last time.

But there's more than that reasoning. There's always more.]

Would you rather tell him?
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[This is frustrating in an entirely different way, but it's nothing he can blame on Ray. He's taken charge of the agenda, which means that now he has to fill the roles. A plan is made and maybe this time there won't be a mistake.

His face hurts, his whole body hurts and he can't believe, he still can't believe, that this is what he has to go through twice.]

What do you think? You're the one who knows how things turn out.
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Asking you a damn question.

[Does he have to clarify that? Explain that? Of course he does. Leonard finally turns around, lifting one leg up to prop it on the seat and gingerly touching his face with one hand, finger following the outline of a bruise.]

I always thought I'm the only one who can handle Mick. But I failed him. Chronos is on me. It's all on me. And when you're from, I'm gone. So, you wanna be his partner now?

What do you think?
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Next time you want to be a team, maybe listen when I tell you to wait and think first and then don't walk out when I'm trying to discuss things.


He's just saying.]